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Hello! Project (n) - Flawless natural beauties in girl groups that can be as sweet as can be, yet extremely crazy and rebellious. This Directory is what they call home, where everyone comes together to become a close-knit family.


02/06: Posted wanted graphic for Mano! xyossy
02/06: Wished Maasa a happy birthday! xyossy
02/06: Welcomed back Sayumi! xyossy
02/06: Wished Tomoko a happy birthday! xyossy
27/06: Miyabi added to masterlist and welcomed! xyossy
27/06: Kanyon and Meimi are announced as Royal Scribes! xyossy
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Haro!Pro Roleplay
Established 2013/01/23 by Reina & Sayumi
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awesomemaasa asked:
Message for Miyabi: If you're out there and you see this, please come back. Same to the Risako who's been away. /smiles/

Miyabi sent a message saying that she couldn’t RP at the current time, but as for Risako, COME BACK!!! I’ll ask Reina where she went for you \o\

Admin Yossy

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Anonymous asked:
Can I have an extra hour in the ball pit?

you’re no vip bye

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aixdori asked:
\\: u guys are all my little children tbh

;; awww you’re so sweet. ;w; a lot of us really love having you around so thank you for being there for us too! ♥

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-kakkoii-ly walks in,puts on shades- u n u i demand a riho! -slaps fist on table, breaks table, gets in trouble, goes to jail-


one riho it is then

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i am back -hands you a chicken wing-

why thank you ayacho and welcome back! 

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The cutest leader turns 25 today, so please send Michishige Sayumi your birthday wishes~!

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xmaachan asked:
much much much butt

no butt for you

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xmaachan asked:
how many butts could one maachan touch if one maachan could touch butts

none because you’re too young

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Here’s the thing about equality, everyone’s equal when they’re dead.

In an alternate dystopian world, a law states that a group must fight to the death. Who will come out in the end as the victor? The Battle commences in a few days, sign up with us before it’s too late! All roleplayers are welcome to this open event. Signups end Wednesday, July 9th. Hurry and reserve your space!

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Anonymous asked:
Got any grapes?


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