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Hello! Project (n) - Flawless natural beauties in girl groups that can be as sweet as can be, yet extremely crazy and rebellious. This Directory is what they call home, where everyone comes together to become a close-knit family.


11/10: Updated the url, ruby5muses, for the following: Kaori, Kei, and Maasa Ayumin
11/10: Posted request for s/mileage's 3rd gen! Ayumin
11/10: Welcomed mxkino! Ayumin
11/10: Welcomed icchxn! Ayumin
28/09: Added mariaxm to the masterlist! Ayumin
28/09: Welcomed mariaxm! Ayumin
05/09: Changed url for xzukkismile! Ayumin
05/09: Updated helloxsaki's picture on the masterlist! Ayumin
27/08: Changed url for xsayubee! Ayumin
19/08: Posted Lilium RP affiliate! Ayumin
18/08: Added nxrisa to the masterlist! Yossy
17/08: Updated S/mileage pictures on the masterlist! Yossy
16/08: Added hello-junjun to the masterlist! Yossy
16/08: Added asforonekei to the masterlist! Yossy
16/08: Changed url for himeayu! Ayumin
16/08: Added ayanosoul to the masterlist! Ayumin
16/08: Added hamachxn to the masterlist! Ayumin
15/08: Welcomed ayanosoul! Yossy
12/08: Welcomed hamachxn! Yossy
10/08: Posted request for Miyazaki Yuka! Yossy
10/08: Posted request for Miyamoto Karin! Yossy
10/08: Welcomed asforonekei! Yossy
08/08: Posted 'Happy Birthday' ad for elderclubkaori! Ayumin
07/08: Posted request for 2nd gen Musume! Ayumin
05/08: Posted 'Happy Birthday' ad for zuxki! Yossy
04/08: Posted request for Niiigaki Risa! Ayumin
03/08: Welcomed and added yuukxrin to masterlist! Yossy
03/08: Added yehetriho to masterlist! Yossy
03/08: Removed hello-miyamiyabeam and hello-sayumi from the masterlist! Yossy
03/08: Changed URLS for airism, kkaepsongmeron, xreinya, xmaachan, haruchananon, ayubunny and helloxkananan! Yossy
03/08: Posted request for Kenshuusei! Yossy
03/08: Posted 'Happy Birthday' ad for hellokumabear! Yossy

27/06: Themes and graphics major revamp is unveiled! Yossy
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